Make Money Being a Freelancer Online
Among one of the greatest and easiest ways to make money online is by being a freelancer. By definition a freelancer is a job you do on your own, sort of like running a business. You offer the service and choose the price and people pay you for it. Freelancers include many different people in many different services. These services can help you market your sites, help bring in traffic, help you build a site and more. Here are just a few great freelancing services out there:

SEO a.k.a. search engine optimization - As a service provider you could easily find people that need their sites optimized. The most important thing, may be to convince them why they need this service because a lot of people don't even know what optimization is or why they need it. This is where you come in. Build a nice little professional website, and tell them why. List all your reasons. Make some affordable packages for individuals as well as bigger companies and corporations.

SEM a.k.a. search engine marketing - You can provide your all knowing search engine marketing techniques to people online. Or better yet you could teach people how to do it on their own. Most of us know that SEO and SEM are two very important processes but so many people don't know how to market or optimize their websites. This is valuable information for the buyer.

Back links - You can easily start a business where you do back links of some sort. This can be done several different ways, from an actual back linking service, to writing articles for people and putting their URLs in the author box. I think the second one is the easiest and funnest way to do this (for the provider) especially if you know how to write and enjoy writing. Again you the provider charge a set fee and buyers will pay you for these back links. In my experience its best to have set packages the buyer can choose from.

Web hosting - If you own a web hosting business you can easily get people that are in need of hosting. Billions of people online have websites and need someone to host them. You could easily be this person.

Web Design & Development - These are two practices not everyone is good at. I can market, optimize, write do a ton of other things. But when it comes to web design or development the closest thing I know is Myspace html codes! I'm not the only fool like this! Again there are millions of people out there that either don't know how to do this, or just don't have the time. This is a great service to offer if you know how to do it.

Article Writer & Submission Services - If your a good writer, you can actually make money from it by providing articles to people. You will be provided with the URLs, keywords and anchor text. Then you the writer will do an article about the category of the site. Not the actual site, but the category of the site. People will pay good money for these services because you are providing them with back links and back links are the cream of the crop.

Content Writer - In my opinion a content writer and an article writer are two different things. But a content writer can be a article writer and an article writer can be a content writer! A content writer, writes for your website. It doesn't matter if they have a professional type website, or a word press blog/website. You can find people that have websites about topics or subjects you have extensive knowledge about. You will write content for their websites and they will pay you per however you charge. Some people pay per page, per word, per day etc. Its your service, charge what you will but again, be fair and honest with your prices.

Of course there are MANY other ways to make money online as a freelancer but these are a few of the top ways I know of, and some of the top ways to make actual money online. Ive either provided these services before, have thought about it or know friends and colleagues that have are freelancers and have tried these types of services and they have always been successful, as have I. There's a few things you should be concerned with when providing a service as a freelancer. And here are a few of them:

1- I cant say this enough. Be honest and be fair to your buyer. And always try to be as professional as you can.

2- Build yourself a website, and place a portfolio on that site along with a few paragraphs about why this service is important. If someone doesn't know what SEO is, then they aren't going to realize why they need it, which means no business for you. Don't act like its a magic pill. Its not. But its an important attribute when having a website. Side note; if your a web designer or a developer and your selling this service you sure as heck better have a nice website. Ive gone to sites before where the person boasted about how awesome they were at web design, and their own site wasn't working!

3- Make sure you advertise. Now if your doing a freelancing service you don't necessarily have to pay for advertising. The best thing you can do is visit some forums and put out the word about your brand new service. Yes, your going to get a hard time from some people. But others will be more than willing to try out your service. And where one follows, two follows, and where two follows more follow. All you need is a handful of positive reviews (which is where those manners of yours come into play) and you will start receiving the trust of the people!

Turnkey Internet Business - The Truth About Turnkey Business Opportunities

If you've been on the Internet for a while, you would have seen many of those turnkey Internet business opportunities. Most of them sell you on the 'turnkey solution' on offer, and how it is the fastest way to get into business and start reaping profits. The reality is much more different!

Here is the truth about turnkey business opportunities - most of them don't work. Period. If anything, they are only working for the product creator who created the opportunity! This is because the product owners will often add in some kind of branding to give exposure to their brand, and many will add in an affiliate program to get affiliates to promote the business opportunity. So in effect, the 'turnkey business opportunity' is in fact promoting the opportunity itself to others! Sounds ridiculous, right?

Unfortunately, that is the bare truth.

That's not to say that all of these opportunities don't work. There are the few that do work, because they are limited to only a few people.

The reason why so many will not succeed is because these opportunities often have hundreds or even thousands of people on board, all promoting the same product or opportunity. The result is too much competition. Only a few end up profiting, and the product owner is often the one that ends up laughing to the bank.

So now that you know the truth, stay clear of these opportunities, and build a real Internet business. Your own.

Create your own product using resell rights products or hire a ghostwriter, build your own website, do your own marketing.


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